My E3 Top 10 and Runners Up

My E3 Top 10 and Runners Up

The event I love has come to pass once again, and it left us all wanting a bit more.

This years E3 was a bit underwhelming, most of the conferences seemed a bit lackluster while other reveals and previews gave us high hopes for the next year (or later this one). A mixed grab bag of emotions when it came to the video game industry, and each person has a take away from the show of best of show and even those that were worst of show. Below I walk through my Top 10 favorite reveals or trailers for the coming year.

These are NOT in any particular order, so the number may not indicate my excitement level for each game.

  1. Anthem: Bioware revealed to the world it’s new IP, as if Titanfall, Destiny, and Horizon Zero Dawn merged together with a fusion dance triangle. From what we saw, other than the forced in game chatter between players, this game could be a very interesting and is gorgeous to boot. Sure this could have all been a tech demo and the final game could end up being a mess at release. Yeah I loved Mass Effect Andromeda but it wasn’t a completed project. The faces, however, looked perfect so hey, an improvement.
  2. Beyond Good and Evil 2: Ubisoft surprised a whole hell of gamers by announcing something we long since thought was dead. BGE2 is still far from release, as most people have pointed out the trailer was made specifically for the event annnnd the only thing to play on the show floor was a tech demo that may not even end up being in the final game. Which could take years to make it to release. Oh god… this is like Half-Life 3 now.. Still excited either way! beyond-good-and-evil-2.png
  3. Metro Exodus: I fell in love with Last Light when I discovered it years ago. It had everything a post-apocalyptic shooter needed, mutated creatures, like the gorgeously deformed bear in the trailer for Exodus, and underground civilizations barely surviving without turning on each other. I never played 2033 but if I get a chance to play the Redux for PS4, I will definitely play it to warm up for Exodus. The trailer looked gorgeous, with dynamic environments (I hope that translate in gameplay). I guess I just have a thing for post-apocalyptic game and this reveal hit the sweet spot. Here’s to 2018!
  4. Spider-Man: Insomniacs take on Spider-Man looks fantastic, decent gameplay and reminds me a lot of the Spider-man 2 movie tie in game, which in my opinion was one of the better Spidey games out there. The story seems to be interesting, and the nod at Miles Morales being even mentioned in the game is fantastic for comic fans like myself. The graphics are beautiful and it doesn’t seem to be a Homecoming tie in, so that’s always good news.
  5. The Evil Within 2: Bethesda showed of their video game “amusement park” and besides the glorious Skyrim milking, The show was stolen by The Evil Within 2 announcement. The reveal trailer and some minor gameplay showed just how terrifying the game will be, reminding me of the feel of P.T., and I never played the first game (Now I plan to), so I can’t say how much like the first installment it is. It is stunning and had chills running down my spine. Definitely on my watch list.the-evil-within-2
  6. Dragonball Fighterz: This came as a surprise to me, I absolutely dislike fighting games, mostly because I’m horrible at them, but Fighterz made me excited to try another fighting game. Hopefully I don’t end up just spamming the cheapest fucking moves, but old habits die hard. The reveal showcased three heroes and three villains, Goku, Teen Gohan, Vegeta, Freeza, Cell, and Majin Buu. It is 2.5 D with destructible backgrounds. It was basic but I still want this on my shelf one day.
  7. Far Cry 5: Though we all knew about this game long before E3, the gameplay trailer shown was the final nail in the coffin for me. I was on the fence, not because of the petition going around I wrote about a while back, but because it seemed like the plot might have some holes in it about structuring supporting characters. With the introductions of Guns for Hire, Fangs for Hire, and Friends for Hire mechanic, I feel a bit better about the game structure, also the action was bad ass. I can’t say no to something that makes you looks so bad ass.
  8. Metroid Prime 4: Just a Title card and the classic warping sound effect we are used to hearing with the Prime games. No more information is given but this was another game we’ve been dying for for years, never expecting an end result just false hope. This E3 has given hope to a gaming future we can enjoy.metroid-prime-4-e1497381058373
  9. Super Mario Odyssey: We’ve seen enough before the show to know the game was going to weird, but the new E3 trailer had much more evidence to show someone at Nintendo is on acid. Using Mario’s new hat friend, he can now possess people, objects, and even dinosaurs much larger than Yoshi, that being a T-rex. Different outfits and showing off I think at least one new location, this trailer gave me high hopes for SMO. 60nchk9wxkxjxvtnnf6bqxopeiheyvf7bdvnymfflvmwmhcpzcfsdxmagngimny8.gif
  10. Pokemon for the Switch: A core Pokemon RPG game for the Nintendo Switch was a mind blowing moment. Sure it wont be out for “more than a year” and we don’t even have a title card or anything to go off of. Hopefully this isn’t a port of one of the current Pokemon titles, crossing my fingers till they break on this one.

Runners Up:

  • Mario+Rabbids (yeah it’s growing on me)
  • Hidden Agenda (Seems like an interesting title)
  • Vampyr (Seems it needs some work, but reminds me of Blood Omen 2 in a way)
  • Shadow of War (The aussie orc seems awesome, but I’ll need to buy the first game in order to play this one)
  • Shadow of the Colossus remake
  • Kirby (Kute Puffball)
  • Wolfenstein 2 (This looks fucking insane but again I’ll need to play the first to play this one)

All in all, E3 2017 wasn’t exactly the blow away show but it was still full of exciting reveals. It has added many older games to my must buy list just so I can keep up with some of these sequels. I wished some of the press events had bigger bangs and less dancing around mostly known games and a few major reveals that weren’t exactly unexpected. Nintendo walked away from the show on top with the most upcoming titles, and even managed to convince me to get in line for a Switch when I can.

I was hoping Sony was going to have another “Hold my Beer” moment like in years past but they disappointed, showing off new trailers for already announced games, a deeper look at God of War and Spider-man. I was left feeling somewhat empty after all the other shows this year. I can only hope that this was just a lite year for gaming news, that it was a fluke.

I can dream anyway. So what was your top 10 games of the show, or at least Top 10 moments of E3 2017? Let me know, maybe there was something I missed during.



Nintendo’s Scores Play of the Conference

Nintendo’s Scores Play of the Conference

By All Standards, Nintendo came out on top in such a short amount of prerecorded time.

I managed to miss the Sony presser the other night, but I did see games announced and revealed that were pretty awesome. Usually I vote to stay on the side of Sony as they are the “Hold My Beer” one uppers when it comes to shows. This year, they seemed to have lost their title to a handful of green screen backgrounds and message recorded probably well before the show.

Nintendo started off with a semi interesting live action shot of people playing games on their Switch based on what type of game it was. Alright, sounds feasible in theory but when you start playing Arms at the gym, I think you’ve defeated the whole purpose of both the gym and the Switch.

Reggie then greets us talking about “fun and battle” in terms of video games (and if you dig deeper, I’m sure there is a life lesson from him in there too) and we can see where he leads us as the background starts to shift and change. I just want to note the “Switch Play” book on the coffee table there before the living room turned into a field. Looks like Reggie came to school us all with this one.

We lead into a barrage of reveal titles and nods to future games:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Not a big fan of the series, and I’m probably not Switching gears, get it, to play it any time soon but I know enough people love this. The excitement was piqued at the Nintendo event that revealed the Switch I think about this game, so it’s only fair they show a trailer at E3. Holiday 2017 release
  • A New Kirby Game: This is a must buy for me, I love the pink puffball with unlimited power. Seeing some fan favorite absorbs being merged with others was pretty bad ass. The game looked beautiful for something that is Kirby, not saying Kirby is low rent but it’s not performance driven and it looks fantastic. Multiplayer and computer play for the characters you can woo to your side. Sold! Marked for a 2018 slot.
  • Pokken for the Switch, which seems we already knew about, but the biggest thing, maybe what stole the show besides one other reveal, was a Core Pokemon game coming to the Switch. Hopefully not just a port of an older game like Ultra Sun and Moon. We”ll have to wait and see as it is “more than a year” before release, or at least till it’s ready.
  • Metroid Prime 4: Whelp, this and Pokemon for Switch may have just sold me on buying a Switch. Like hell, how long have we been waiting for MP4? Forever it feels, and we may have only received a title card for the game, I can safely say that the collective Nintendo verse might need a new change in pants.
  • Yoshi: This just looks like it should be called “Yoshi’s Epic Yarn Arts and Craft Project”. Nothing spectacular about it to me, looks like a decent enough concept, but not really on my watch list. 2018 release for those of you looking to get it.
  • Fire Emblem Warriors: Story trailer revealed, I’m not a huge fan of the series, but this looks really good. I’d play it with a friend at least. Fall 2017 release for this one.
  • Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC was announced, Master Trials for DLC one coming June 30th, and The Champions Ballad pack 2 coming this holiday. I can’t comment on much as I haven’t played LOZ and I don’t want to make an ass out of myself for making assumptions to what the DLC brings so I’ll shut it.
  • 4 new Amiibos for Breath of The Wild, the Four Champions, are being released, no date that I saw or maybe I missed it. All I know is these figures look bad ass and I’d love to have them in my ever growing collection.
  • Mario+Rabbids: Yeah… no… I mean funny looking… but… Do we really need to milk both franchises for any more right now? I never liked the Rabbids, and Mario has a game coming in October? Why the hell do we need a tactical game between these two groups. I’m sure some of you love this idea but… what the hell?
  • Rocket League announced for the Switch with Cross play to other platforms and customizable Mario and Luigi hats on the cars. I’ve been dying to play this game on my PS4 but now have a new reason to pick up a Switch and a new game when the finances permit. With all the current content the game has being brought to the Switch, it invites a new type of player to the Switch.
  • Mario Odyssey gets a new E3 trailer that looks freakin insane. Showing off his poltergeist skills, Mario possess everything from Fireballs, Bullet Bills, to even a giant T-rex. This is insane, the levels look quirky and out there, this new mechanic makes the whole game feel new in comparison to previous titles. However that whole possessing the Humans of New Donk City just gives me the creeps. Calm down Mario. We’ll buy your game without possession. A release date of 10-27-2017 is announced.
  • One I didn’t see in the presentation but deserves mentioning, Metroid: Samus Returns is being released to the 3DS and looks like the old Metroid games on crack. I love the way this looks and is very high on my must buy list.

All in all, this presser, no matter how short it was, took the cake. I was surprised, especially after the last few years Nintendo has had lackluster press events when it came to E3. I had lost faith in the company I grew up in, but after seeing the games coming down the line from them yesterday (technically I watched this morning), I’m sold that Nintendo is back on the right track. I might still need one or two more games I’d want to justify saving up for a Switch, but it’s definitely not a hard sell anymore.


E3 Day 2 Continued: Bethesda Land

E3 Day 2 Continued: Bethesda Land

When Bethesda teased us about their E3 presser with the image of “Bethesda Land”, I didn’t expect them to follow through.

The company known for open world murder games started off their mini conference by welcoming us with a small personal video with kids of staff and the staff themselves. Teasing us even more with the mentioning what kind of game “mommy” was making. It seem like a decent way to connect with players on an emotional level, but it felt like they were trying a bit too hard.

After the message ended, the stars came out on the Bethesda stage, giving us a big slap in the face for the Starlight trademark that was registered, or at least to any of those who were expecting a new game dubbed Starlight. We are greeted by the voice of Youtube vocal artist Brock Baker, who was a great choice to narrate the “attractions” at Bethesdaland. He guided us through a whole walkthrough of the park, including the bits that were under construction, which many speculated to be a new IP.

The gimmick of Bethesdaland didn’t really run dry, it was a clever use of pre-show teaser and a during show guide for their current work schedule. Sure it wasn’t as flashy and neat as other pressers that will follow in the coming days, but this idea fit with Bethesda’s quirky nature, and I loved it.

Deathclaws in My Face

The first big announcement of the night was the release of two VR games from the company that has brought us gore galore. Firstly Doom  is getting a VR game titled Doom VFR. I noticed the use of teleportation movement, which they are probably using to counter the VR sickness, so that’s definitely a good thing. I mean seeing hell spawn being ripped apart in your face is sickening enough, don’t need the add VR Vomit from poorly designed movement mechanics.

Then we had a batch of sync issues with the audio as they announced our favorite Vault-Tec heroes were coming to the virtual scene as well with the full game release of Fallout 4 VR. I haven’t played all the way through the original Fallout 4, but it seems like a bit of a learning curve to do everything in VR. Plus seeing ghouls in VR… Not sure I’m ready for that.

The Minor League Stuff

The next few attractions were not as impressive, leaving kind of a sour taste in many a gamers mouth.

First up, ESO Morrowind was discussed, basically talking about the growing and expanding world of Elder Scrolls Online. Nothing new, we all knew Morrowind was an expansion so it wasn’t much to talk about. However, towards the end of the segment, they teased a bit of Skyrim content coming to the online world. They didn’t flat out address it in the event, but it looked pretty solid. It was at least a bit exciting if you played the online game, which I don’t but I’m excited for them non the less.

Creation Club was a new service talked about for PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam which allows the creators at Bethesda and certain community content creators, to upload new mods to a paid service. Mods are bout with points that can be purchased with real world money on the respective online services. Basically we’re paying individually for small add ons that could have just gone in another game. That or I’m sure someone has the mod uploaded like it for free somewhere. Kinda pointless, but why not let devs flex their creative muscles I suppose.

Next was the card game, Elder Scrolls Legends, announcing me stories, new areas, and their support on Android Phones and Iphones as well as Skyrim content. It all looked cool, but I don’t usually get into digital card games like Hearthstone, but hey they presented it in a very beautiful and epic sounding manner. Too bad it wasn’t as big of an explosive announcement like we’ve been waiting on.

So far things were lackluster and could have been just summed up in a brochure, granted you wouldn’t have the soothing vocal work of Brock Baker but honestly they should have come to the table a bit more prepared. Somethings impressed me, and while I know the event wasn’t over, I was still a bit sad that nothing really notable had come out of the show.

Started Pulling Out Their BFG

Finally, some games I would actually want to play were talked about. Not saying Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR  I wouldn’t play, but I don’t have the booku amounts of money to by a VR headset so it’s like dangling a very visually immersive carrot in front of a poor horse.

The Switch port of Skyrim was made official, showing off more footage edited onto a probably turned off Nintendo Switch screen. The Kicker with this announcement was the introduction of Amiibo support. Using a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  amiibo of Link, the game pops up a treasure chest which contained Link’s starting clothes from the game and the Master Sword. Sure it’s the same old game that I’ve thrown hundreds of hours into, I’d still get it again for the Switch, if I had one of those, just because I could bring my Nintendo amiibos into the realm of the dragonborn. Other than that, the announcement was a bit stale as we already knew this was happening.

Dishonored 2 is getting DLC. Now I played through the first Dishonored game but haven’t had the chance to play through the second, though I want to, so this character seemed new to me. Those commentating on the event spoke that she was in the second one but Who Cares! If I haven’t seen her before, she’s new to me. And damn doesn’t she seem bad ass, the style, the movement, the powerful force behind her attacks, and her weird robotic looking arms. The teaser was short, but it gave the premise of killing one of the characters that mostly operates in the background but has a role in the main games, The Outsider. This just shows I need to go out and buy Dishonored 2 when I can, because I’m obviously missing out on something.

Quake, Quake, Quake, Quake. While I am inspired by your origins here in my home state, and I have visited your con on more than one occasion, I am not that excited to see Quake come back to the spotlight. Sure, a return to e-sports history, and a contest for 1 million bucks? Yeah get your time in the spotlight, I’ll just yawn and wait for the next announcement. I’m not bashing those who love the game, I just don’t see myself picking up or participating in any online play with this unless I have a whole bunch of friends play with me. Not interested. NEXT!

Now I never played the first title of this announced game, I heard mixed reviews but never really put any stock into playing it. It was a horror survival game and I just out of my skin if someone sneezes too hard. I don’t need scares in my life, especially when they come from the funky looking horrors of The Evil Within. However, watching this reveal trailer for the second installment makes me want to go back and play through the first. It looks terrifying and trippy, and lately I’ve been excited for projects like that.

And finally, Bethesda offers us up what looks like a “Little House on The Prairie” rip off starring a giant robo dog that can breath fire, and a man trapped under a truck. Liesel as it is called, just felt weird to watch after a while. Revealing it to be a commercial on a television a monkey with a cat’s head was watching.

That’s it, I’m sold! Nothing else needed. Monkey Cat can have my money now.

This excitement for genetic alteration of animals aside, we get show a reveal for the next Wolfenstein game, and boy does it sure kick ass. Cybernetic enhancements, giant robots, weapons that can melt doors, and killing Nazi’s. I apparently have to go back and play the first one of this as well but hell this looked freaking amazing. A very nice way to end the show.

The Fizzle

The main takeaway from the event is this, all games announced, come out this year. Woohoo. Bethesda pushing out games, some of which look bad ass, what’s not to love.

The end result of the presser, however, is that Bethesda has been focusing on Wolfenstein and The Evil Within 2 so much that just throwing addons and VR stuff at us should be enough to make up for the lack of overly new content. The show felt it petered a bit as it stumbled along, dealing with audio issues and some notable “Why’d you announce this here” attraction segments.

Bethesda still did a fantastic job in presentation, and what they do have to offer is a decent amount of gaming goodness to tie most people over. I just feel like they could have come to the show a bit more prepared, maybe have a better reveal planned for the event besides just sequels. These were well sought after sequels but still have a bigger ace up your sleeve.

This conference did make me want to go back and buy the first installments of a few games, so hey that’s progress.

All in all the presser gets 5/10, as it wasn’t as showy and drawn out as Microsoft but it didn’t really impress in to many ways that mattered. A few of the games seemed just done for the sake of fan demand, while others did seem like plenty of work was being put into them. I can’t say it was a fantastic press event, but it was well done in some regards. Just hope Bethesda can come back next year and hit a little harder.



E3 Day 2: Microsoft Splashes Around A Bit

E3 Day 2: Microsoft Splashes Around A Bit

Day 1 Started With A Whisper but Day 2 Continued With A Raspy Cough

Microsoft took the stage today after yesterday’s EA conference and tried to pull the rug out from under the other companies before the show actually kicked into high gear. E3 doesn’t really kick off till Tuesday as far as I know, and the other companies have their own slots filled as far as show floor content. Microsoft was keen to the idea EA going early and followed suit to reveal their Project Scorpio console more than just the specs. Most people are getting the feeling they wanted to cut the competition off at the knees as far as blow away show at E3 and what better way to do it than going first?

Like one of my middle school teacher said “The person who goes first, sets the bar. So going first is always best.” Then they proceeded to babble incoherently before I got in trouble for writing instead of listening to them. The lesson makes sense though, you set the bar by going first, so why not just shoot for the first slot? Could it really hurt the chance of impressing gamers by going first?

To answer that, I’d like to start by saying I have never really been an Xbox person. Maybe the first one because it was something new and exciting, and after that it was always meh. My wife’s 360 is basically collecting dust on a shelf while my PS3 is used in the living room for media and my PS4 is my gaming console. I have felt nothing interesting from the Microsoft camp, nothing pulls on my gaming heart strings like the other consoles, and even the PC camp has me wishing my laptop was a gaming one.

Microsoft just doesn’t interest me anymore. But the question is: Did Microsoft impress me enough to get my attention?

Old Is the New New Again

Short answer: Meh, maybe but I wish more that the exclusives would visit other consoles than buy the console just for 4 games in total.

Long Answer: The poor showing year after year usually just disappoints me. I can’t find a single game worth switching consoles for, the reasons to add an Xbox back into my collection are about as high as the reasons to get a lobotomy. I had such a love for the first Xbox and I found games around every corner that I just had to play. Halo, Cell Damage, Jade Empire, etc. Having the fifth Halo  and just carbon copy shooters being the main sell have made enjoying the console very, very difficult. To make matters worse, with the advent of Xbox One, it became a media center and less of a game console. That was the nail in the coffin.

Hasn’t Master Chief Earned a Rest? Not till Halo 64!!

This year made me feel a bit more interest, but I just wished I could have enjoyed more of the games if they were on another console, it left me wishing I could enjoy these somewhat unique games. I just wouldn’t shell out $500 for 3 or 4 games at tops.

This Is What We Came For

The show started off with an intro which reminded me of the original Xbox “green blob” opener, which brought back some of the feels of nostalgia. It quickly panned to gameplay footage and a live action woman holding a control making serious faces.

The console was talked about in depth, the issue I saw was recapping the specs of the console seemed a bit redundant, or at least throwing on all the pomp and circumstance about it. They revealed it a while before the show, why make it such a big deal. Yes, the size of the console was a need to know and the removal of the title Scorpio, replaced with the IQ dropping name of XBox One X was announced. Otherwise, the technical specs section just felt like it dragged on. One interesting thing to note is that this console will be the first to introduce a liquid cooling  system, which if you think about it makes it closer to be a PC than ever.

Some Noteable talking points that could have been summed up rather quickly:

  •  Release November 7, 2017
  • All Xbox One Games and Accessories usable on the One X Day 1 as Well as Your Current Download library
  • It Being 4K does not kick out those who don’t own a 4K TV, it has Super Sampling that still makes the best looking game for your 1080p tvs. It does this with all games applicable

Overall I felt they lingered too long on the specs talking about the system since they had a reveal conference not too long ago. Maybe they just wanted to fill space?

Otherwise I was impressed but would rather have a custom PC rather than the smallest Xbox to date. Not that size is a problem, just that maybe the system should just merge PCs and Xboxs so we don’t have so many brackets to fall over.

And After The Debriefing: The Games

Now the  announced games were interesting enough, I was impressed at the beginning. I was holding out for the Crackdown 3 reveal and maybe a few non exclusive titles that would show up on other consoles, like a sneak peek for the shows later this week.

Starting off, per a Microsoft standard, Forza Motor Sports 7 showcased the power of the One X, and by god was it beautiful. I couldn’t help but stare and I hate racing games. I watched the weather and the desert physics rather than the cars driving around the track. My biggest joy is the physics of the environment, mostly water physics I just get all gamer boner about, so this was amazing. They then showed off a new car and some professional drivers “playing” the game on the stage, sounding about as stiff as possible.


From here, more than 42 games were announced so I’ll cliff note things from here out.

  • Anthem: Bioware and  EA revealed more about the game they announced yesterday. It took some of the failure aspects of Mass Effect with the facial animations looking beautiful, the futuristic looking tech of Mass Effect and Dead Space  looking tech, especially flying around the jungle in what are called Javelins, where you can equip what you want with upgrades (called that yesterday!) and join co-op sessions. The lush jungle was beautiful as well as dangerous, it  is under the massive “open-world”  banner that looks gorgeously rendered, they said in game recordings. The acting of the “players” was super stiff but looked very promising, and is supposedly for other systems!
  • Metro: Exodus: This is something I am excited for really. I could call it was a metro title from the opening moments, but I was still surprised by most of it. Dynamic environments that, if this is gameplay recording, react to not just you but enemies, which sent the mutant bear crumbling off the hill. The beauty of the graphics lends it’s hand to my Must Buy Pile. Also not an exclusive as I could tell.
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins: Nah, I’m good. It looks good for the origins of the franchise back in Egypt. It looked great in the cutscene but the gameplay looked like standard Ubisoft style and even in 4K didn’t look that impressive. No Mini-map at least, or not that I could tell. The Hawk is nice though, I’m all for Hawks.
  • Player Unknown’s: Battlegrounds: Not sure how I feel for this, it looks like a basic shooter, not much of an interest for me. An exclusive so no skin off my back.
  • Deep Rock: The Minecraft with Dwarves, enough said. I’ve had enough Minecraft to last a lifetime. Moving on.
  • State of Decay 2: I never played the first, and I’ve been told the game was great and unique in it’s own way. I feel like just watching this trailer was personified by simply saying Hipster Survival Sim. I’m interested in it but not really a must have.
  • The Dawn Project: Battleborn and Overwatch’s bastard lovechild, this game basically looked like another MOBA with some quirks for me. It seemed it had some humor attached, which I could get behind, but the live announcer as if it was in an E-sports event was a bit of overkill. Still funny.
  • Minecraft: The simple revelation to this was the servers are now connected from all other consoles. Great every console can play together. Oh yeah, they added 4k support. The sunrays are beautiful on that pick axe when 4k is turned on but… yeah… Pixleated blocks in 4K. Woooo.
  • Dragonball Fighterz: This one had me feeling all old school japanese import fighter. I loved the way the game look, and I would pick this up in a heartbeat. Hopefully the game includes characters from both OG Dragonball and DragonBall Super.
  • Black Desert: Dynasty Warriors but in an RPG magic area. I felt it was going to be a Dynasty Warrior clone, but hell it turned out to be an MMO. I’m ok with looking at this but I don’t need it and that’s good since it is an exclusive to the Xbox One X.
  • Last Night: This game blew me away. 8 bit meets 4K, it was a beautiful homage to where games have been and where they are going. It seems simple in it’s own way, but really intriguing. Sadly this is said to be an exclusive but I hope enough interest is garnered to bring to other consoles.
  • Crackdown 3: The Terry Crews live action stuff looked hilarious and the event stage screens worked well with his over the top action. The game itself seems impressive on paper but the game style looks too much like the original Crackdown both in style but in graphical quality. Not overly impressed but I loved the first so I’d play, If it wasn’t an exclusive… which it is. *Sigh*
  • Sea Of Thieves: More was released about this exclusive, which was fun to watch, but felt like the presenter kept pulling back his personal joke punches too quickly. Like he wanted to make fun of the game but wanted to not get beaten on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. It looked fun, sounded interesting that development they’ve put into it, but sadly I wont get to play it unless some company buys me an Xbox One of some kind and the game. Just Saying. Would play the hell out of it though.
  • Shadow Of War: This game looks gorgeous and entertaining. I never played the first game, but I have to say I might just go back and play it just so I can play the second and have some bad ass orc ripping the head of another orc off. The work on the game shows as it’s fluid, has a sense of humor, the environments at least looked beautiful on the surface. It was nice to look at while waiting for another game to come by to catch my interest.
  • Ori and The Will of The Wisps: Seriously dark looking game, just looked so kid like and friendly at first and then BAM hits you with the dark realization this forest had been burned down. This is another case of I have yet to play the first of the series, but I have heard it was a great game to play. I can’t say much based off the trailer, but the art style and atmosphere were top notch.

Honestly that was a whole lot more than I intended to enter, but I figured for knowledge sake, I needed to put some of the more memorable titles.

Also announced was that Backwards compatibility stretching all the way back to the Orginal Xbox is in the words. No word on the library they are pulling from, but this actually had me interested for a second. Just a second though.

At the End of The Road

After all was said and done, Microsoft did not manage to sink it’s teeth into me for yet another year. I was tempted, the first time that’s happened for a while, but I realized some of the games announced that I absolutely wanted were on other consoles so I was sated.

The conference itself I’d give a 5/10, was a bit showy with some things, but in a good way when it came to Terry Crews, yet managed to not come to the table with their A game. Heck, I’m almost certain most the crowd didn’t respond after what was supposed to be a big announcement, at least that’s how I saw it. The presenters were a bit stiff, as were most of the people used to “play” the games on stage or in the demos. I just couldn’t connect with them.


They made a valiant effort, but at least the bar was set a bit lower for others to set better records in the following events. I’ll be covering the highlights from Bethesda’s mini panel sometime in the morning, and then keep an eye on the Ubisoft and other panels as much as I can before I head into work.


E3: Zero Day aka EA Goes Solo

E3: Zero Day aka EA Goes Solo

A Panel Before a panel is always a way to start things off

EA decided today was a good day to start of E3 in there own way by having a solo show. Surprising most people with a somewhat power move, EA decided to run a reveal show of a few of their games and future DLC for others, namely Battlefield 1 and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Now, I didn’t watch the event live but I did catch some of the more interesting moments of the show, namely the two new games coming out from the publisher. Bioware announced a new IP in the form of what seems like as a post apocalyptic survival game, reminding me of the years before Horizon Zero Dawn known as Anthem. Then EA announced a new Co-Op Only adventure dubbed A Way Out.

I feel like a 2000’s Pop Song Applies Here

Anthem, as I mentioned above, looks suspiciously like either the years before we pick up in Horizon Zero Dawn or what an alternate reality version of that game would have looked like. Personally, this teaser has me hooked and it was only about 53 seconds worth of footage but I’m kinda sold. The gameplay reveal tomorrow will probably be the huge deciding factor in the end but the teaser looks bad ass. Like a mix of Dead Space’s Issac Clarke engineering suit and the future tech of Mass Effect. Make sense, these aesthetics  are found in both the publisher and developer.  Nothing I can speculate for, minus maybe it being a shooter, ala Mass Effect and that maybe a repair system will be very prominent. Other than that, we’ll know more tomorrow.

Enter a caption

A Way Out sounds like a interesting type of gameplay experience. Co-Op only gameplay by the Swedish film direct Josef Fares is groundbreaking. Fares created the game Brothers: Tale of Two Sons  which made the single player experience feel exactly like a co-op one by making both brothers move at once. A Way Out looks like an interesting concept, making you play the entire game with a friend, relying heavily on your buddies to progress through objectives can make things very complicated (but in a good way).

This decision kinda leads to pushing single player gamers away from picking up a copy. Sure, people adapt but those who don’t play online normally will probably steer away. It looks like an interesting enough game, minus the fugly looking main character with the mutton chops. ALL the other character models look decent enough, but man this guy on screen bothered me when I looked at him.  Otherwise the premise of the game is intriguing enough to warrant a better look at. Reminds me a bit of how the Portal 2 co-op looked and that’s enough for me to keep my eye on it.

Today’s event left me with little to talk about, at least what I would want to discuss. All in all EA pulling a surprise conference was an interesting move, sure there was only 2 new games popping up, but they were awesome enough to keep spark my interests before the real conference begins tomorrow.

Day Zero is done, and the real event starts tomorrow. I hope everyone’s body is ready for the excitement!


The Problem People Seem To Have With Far Cry 5

The Problem People Seem To Have With Far Cry 5

“So, uh, God…. think we could just not do stupid people anymore?”

The quote in which I wholeheartedly agreed with when I was watching a Youtube video the other day. A relatively new-ish friend, Chris Kiku Kubiak hosts his own Youtube channel and in a video posted Wednesday, he spoke about stupid people’s reactions to two big reveals in the nerd kingdom. Talking about the reveal trailer of Far Cry 5 and the absurd petition behind it, as well as the comments regarding the new Star Trek series cast being comprised of mostly women and people of other races.

Moments before watching, I had only been recently alerted to the Far Cry 5 petition, and the steam machine that is my brain went into overdrive about what I could possibly say about it. Then I watched Kubiak’s video. The wind in my sails was temporarily taken away, as he had hit pretty much all the ideas I wanted to cover. That didn’t stop me from wanting to write about it. Just means I can parlay my buddy’s quotes and and my own little fuel to the fire.

The Far Cry 5 Petition AKA White Christians Aren’t Bad Everyone Else Is

So, reading, and rereading to make sure I wasn’t daydreaming lunacy, has brought me to the mindset I am now. The one that, as you can read from Kiku’s quote, I am more than wiling to beg the omnipresent universe maker to put a recall on a bad batch of people they shipped out. Defective, in the sense that maybe their mind isn’t firing on all cylinders and could use a tune up.

Do I think people deserve a voice? Hell yes I do, platforms that let anyone with a message or a campaign speak freely is basically how I got my start, which allows me to talk about the stupid moments like this. That doesn’t mean that trolls or legitimately ignorant fans should be able to go about spreading underlying messages like:

  • White Christians are not the bad people, change them to Islamic people!
  • White Christians never hurt anyone, but the black and mexican ones do!
  • America isn’t full of ignorant religious sects who kill people or do downright horrible things, but we kinda heard Canada might!

If you think I’m making shit up, just take a look at what this group, Gamers United, posted in their petition to have the game canned.


And you thought I was bullshitting you? Yeah hard to stretch this petition for any kind of news. They practically set everyone up for articles and videos to be done about them, which, in a way, is what they want.

Either we’re being trolled super hard (which is the current consensus) and we’re reacting to it which breathes life into said trolls or we’re giving publicity to a group that is wholeheartedly ignorant but stubborn enough to turn any rebuttal into just ‘hate fuel’. I’m not sure how much media coverage this has really received, but it was enough to catch my (and 1,905 people who signed it) attention. They can spin the negative press anyway they can, the more people that see other journalists/bloggers/Youtubers ‘hating’ on it, the more support they rally for their uninformed cause.

Do I think my voice will help people see what exactly is happening? Hell no! I barely get 20 views per article, on a good day. Out of those 20 people, half are likely to just skim the surface of the article and move on, while the other half sees some rationality but doesn’t walk away any wiser. BUT I can at least try to send a message to the stupid/ignorant people who started this petition.

Christian Extremism is NOT New

How to put this delicately… There are many religious sects that can be seen as radical in the terms and conditions their particular deity made them scroll through on sign up. Some have clauses saying they must die in the name of their lord, others say they must worship bovine, and others say do unto others and then proceed to ignore that request for hundreds of years. The big problem with these religions is that they are based on text from a deity or written by those who have talked to them, then loosely warped and twisted to certain people’s views. These divisive sects then pick off the mentally feeble of the bigger groups, like cheetahs hunting gazelle, and pull them into their folds, then asking them to cancel their current subscription of Almighty Monthly and join them in truly honoring their god, sacrificing goats. Or Virgins. Or Drinking Kool-Ade.


Within all the jokes, there is truth. Religions created sub-religions unconsciously and these sub-religious sometimes become dangerous. A few names of people who followed religion, most Christianity, had a moment change them and set them on a path to form smaller sects, better known as cults are:

  • Heaven’s Gate: Started by a man, Marshall Applewhite, who had just had a near death experience and claimed to see a religious vision. Believing he and his nurse were “The Two” described in the Book of Revelations, started a somewhat small following who drank arsenic and vodka flavored juice to commit suicide, just so they could die and their spirits hitch a ride on a Spaceship following a comet.
  • Peoples Temple: One of the larger cults out there started by a man who followed the Pentecostal faith (oh look another sect of Christianity). Jim Jones was widely successful in getting people to follow him, including African Americans because he preached racial equality. Now sure, they had the racial aspect Gamers United was asking for, but doesn’t make this any less culty. I didn’t dive to deeply into the history, as there seemed to be a decent amount, but his cult was responsible for the death of a political figure, and in order to save themselves from the backlash, drank the “Kool-Aid”, commiting massive suicide.
  • Scientology: This one is obvious, the most well known in our current society. And yes, I see it as a cult. Founded by science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, who crafted the Church of Scientology based of his system of Dianetics, which was basically a mental health science he crafted which spun into a huge movement. This one doesn’t have any grounding in Christianity, but it does have creators “Thetans” and some odd story about a galactic tyrant. Just reading about this is weird, but the main message is they have been accused by former members of basically brainwashing them and controlling parts of their lives (and money). No mass suicides here, but the crazy still stands.

I know, little to go off of when we are talking about Far Cry 5’s extremist Christians in Montana, but honestly a simple Google search showed at least 15 other examples of insane Church organizations that either inflicted violence on people around them, or called for weird and sometimes perverse practices. All in the name of religion.

“Who The Fuck Wants To Shoot Canadians?”

Spot on, Kiku, spot on. I was thinking it but you said it. Taking into consideration that Ubisoft wont change the set story it probably took more than a year to craft, the extremist, white, Christian aspect will most likely not change too much. But let’s just say one demand was picked by Ubisoft and they said “Why the fuck not, let’s at least lower the olive branch.” What on Earth makes you think they’d start by picking Canada as the locale swap?

The Only Kind of Shooting You Find In Canada

The one country famous for being ridiculously over polite, even their arguments end in apologies. The country that really seems to have their shit together in comparison to ours, is the one place you want violence to erupt in? Do you just not pay attention to how Canadian’s act. Super polite, respectful. Hell, I’m not saying that they don’t have a bad side, if they didn’t then I would start suspecting them of being Cyborgs or Alien Pod People but that doesn’t mean they are secretly the most violent place on the planet.

Asking Ubisoft to move it to Canada is a sheltered idea. I say this because you don’t want to “turn away potential players due to offensiveness” and by keeping it in America, you say that American’s will not buy it. How is it offensive? To say that American Extreme Christians don’t exist was wrong, so what’s left is that you don’t think Americans can be violent against other Americans.

Have you looked at the news? Have you heard of any of the heinous acts human beings are doing upon others in our own country? Before you spin it to be Islam or other races, there have been plenty of White American on everybody else attacks. To say they don’t happen, just proves how sheltered you are.

To run down the history of each locale for the past games, I’ll make a list and see if you can spot a fucking pattern:

  • Far Cry: South Pacific rain forests
  • Far Cry 2: African Landscapes
  • Far Cry 3: Tropical Islands between the Indian and Pacific Oceans
  • Far Cry 4: Himalayan Country

Now what do they have in common? A lot of these areas that either the games are set in or based upon have been ravaged by wars of some kind, with each game basically picking up on those specific themes. Africa has been ravaged by wars, South Pacific rain forests are just cliche at this point but they have been commonly done as a wartime or mercenary shoot up free for all. The tropical Island setting has had it’s fair share of use but there is a fair grain of realism as there were and still are modern day pirates running around stealing and killing. Himalayan Country actually has the fucking developer stating they were inspired by the Nepalese Civil War.

Real life connections to these game locations, actual logical settings for each one. Minus the first Far Cry  as again it was an over used troupe as far as I’m concerned. So why is America such a bad place to set the game? Oh, wait…. it’s perfect.

As Controversial as it maybe, the game is picking up on key tones that can be found in America. It is only offensive if you don’t realize this has happened, that this may be happening in our own country. Then again, you probably wont buy that response but honestly, let’s not drag Canada into your squabble with violence in America/Video Games.

The Long and Short of It

Honestly, I felt more came from this article than I expected. I thought Kiku said all there was but I guess I just felt like I had more to offer. I got carried away on a few tangents, had to do a bit of last minute research, and even got to use my favorite sentence enhancer a few times.

The basic thing is this: I get it. I know you’re either trolling or truly ignorant of what is happening in the world around you. That you want to blame other races you’ve been told or shown were hostile towards you and you’d rather they be the bad guy than someone you relate to. You also maybe religions can do no wrong, that god is good and making the bad guys use god as a reason for horrible actions ‘just isn’t your god’. And also that you would rather have Canada go up in a hale of gunfire, not sure what they did to you but ok.

The truth of all this is you don’t know any better, or maybe you do and you just choose not to acknowledge it. Guess what, though? The petition wont change their minds, and whether you meant to or not, you probably pushed the game into people’s ‘buy’ column just because this was absurd. So if you were just trollin’, good job, you did your job. High Fives all around. If you are serious, Gamers United, then I just feel really sorry for you.

Also if you are interested in seeing this absurd petition, I’ll provide a link below just for shits and giggles.


COD Syndrome: Destiny Series Heading for Disaster?

COD Syndrome: Destiny Series Heading for Disaster?

We all know that one guy who absolutely swears by the Call Of Duty franchise.

You know the one, goes out every year a new game is released and either buys up all the DLC or Season Passes, or pre-orders the next, next game that comes out a year or more later. The games all have the same formula: World is threatened, major war is happening/about to happen, your are either the best in your field or an criminal (or both) and you must save the world. Re-skin every so often with a different setting and you have the makings of the franchise, yet even with this reuse of this formula, this guy absolutely swears by it and will defend the series to his grave.

You just can’t see why he loves the same thing just wrapped in last years Christmas paper.

Now imagine any other game franchise that does the same, could be any type of game that has more than 2 sequels, and you know for a fact that they at least recycled some of the first game into their latest outing. However, none have lasted so long as Call Of Duty has. 14 main titles in the series, not including expansions and mobile versions. Let that sink in… FOURTEEN. Almost the exact same game has been copied and recopied onto discs with somewhat fresher coats of paint each year, and yet people still shell out the $60 to play it. I understand multiplayer is appealing to most of those buying these games, but that seems a little steep of a price to grab a copy each release cycle.

Yet People Still Eat It Up

Yes, it maybe repetitive as all hell and the stereotypical kids on their talking about banging your mom drive you nuts, but many people with money burning a hole in their pockets grab them like a crack addict needing their fix. The bigger issue I’ve been facing lately is that Destiny, a game I’ve had mixed feelings with for a while now, has seemingly contracted the COD Syndrome.

We knew from the start that Destiny was going to be a project with sequels spreading across a few years with tons of expansions. An MMO but on consoles. Understandable that this game would be the same basic systems with just added content. Withe Destiny 2 being revealed and the gameplay reveal not too long after, it showed us that it was a whole new game… filled with the same exact shtick.

Obviously this isn’t a surprise to anyone, but there is an issue popping up for me but first let me give a back story of my love hate relationship with the Bungie title. I started off playing the beta of Destiny when it was free on PS3. I loved the action, the gunplay, hated the voice acting when it was there, overall it was enjoyable. I then picked up a copy of the full game, with the intent on playing it for many, many hours happily. I was met with bugs that broke the game for me, I was also met with a game that had a puzzle piece story that not only gave you the bare minimum, it also made you go online to read the ‘grimoire cards’ only allowing for certain bits handed to you until you earned more of it by killing multiple enemies over and over again.

It became unbearable. I was drowning in the salt I had for this game because I was fucking pissed. The game was just a basic shooter with not attempts at a story on the development side and a heavy focus on multiplayer. At the time I hated, absolutely fucking detested, multiplayer games. I couldn’t stand when a game was delayed because they wanted to add in multiplayer features because many gamers who loved the matchmaking systems needed to be pleased so they would buy it. Needless to say, I did what I never do with games, and I sold it. Didn’t care what I made for it as long as I didn’t have it.

Flash forward to 2017, around Christmas, I was given the vanilla version of the game by my father-in-law as a gift. I let it sit on my shelf because I had other, ‘more interesting’ games to play than what I hated on the PS3. Having it on the PS4 would change nothing for me. I then beat Mass Effect Andromeda and after lumping in 87 hours into a game, I needed a palate cleanser. I broke down and popped Destiny in and waited for the worst. Coming back years later not only changed my thoughts on the game, but made me fall in love with the bastard. I couldn’t stop playing the matchmaking, I didn’t care that the story was non existent (granted I knew that going in). I enjoyed the hell out of my time with it, until being shunted by the need for expansions and DLC. I felt pang of sorrow as I realized my time ended with it, faced with the tough call between buying the DLC or just reserve copy of Destiny 2, both costing the same amount. Deciding I’d wait to get the second game, I started looking up the reveal and looking at the new gameplay.

I say new, but not a whole lot has changed. Which began to make the wheels turn in my brain. MMO’s like WoW and Guild Wars do expansions, Guild Wars has a sequel game, but in all honesty they always follow the same path. New content is an expansion, not a sequel, I mean have you ever heard of World of Warcraft 2? Didn’t think so.

So it bothers me just a little that the next installment is a sequel when it really doesn’t seem to change the game more than an expansion pack would do. I’m sure the storytelling is going to be about the same if the gunplay and attacks didn’t change all that much. Then why would you replace a game with a sequel, then follow it with probably a whole shit-ton of DLC, then once again a Sequel years down the line?

Maybe I Just Don’t Get It

I mean, MMOs were never really my bag, I liked casually playing WoW and the beginner levels of Guild Wars 2 but the repetitiveness of it all dulled my experience. How can I feel safe knowing that this same idea is going to be part of a massive sequel+DLC pattern till Bungie feels like letting the last entry be the best?

Is there something I’m missing when it comes to games like Destiny?

Is there some multiplayer aspect that drives most players into letting this be a trend that we settle for?

Is this the same for Call of Duty fans, do they just enjoy a slightly tweaked graphical improvement for their online murder sprees?

If anyone has insight into this, please enlighten me as I want to love Destiny enough to feel comfortable buying Destiny 2 and seeing the future through with it. I want to understand how other see this trend, and just feel a sense of calm towards buying sequel after sequel.